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Parish Contact Information

Parish Office - 412-795-3388 - Church@ourladyofjoy.org

Faith Formation (CCD) Office - 412-795-4389 - Education@ourladyofjoy.org

Parish Office Hours-Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 8 am to 4 pm

(Office Closed on Tuesday)

 Parish Staff

Fr. Albert Zapf - Pastor - p@ourladyofjoy.org

Mr. Greg Callaghan - Pastoral Associate - Greg@ourladyofjoy.org

Mrs. Jane Siatkosky - Faith Formation (CCD) - Education@ourladyofjoy.org

Mrs. Lisa Endler - Director of Music

Mrs. Jean Howard – Organist

Mike McConnell & Kristin Consuegra – Youth Coordinators


Mrs. Jeanette Kraus - Secretary - Church@ourladyofjoy.org

Ms. Maureen Leistner - Faith Formation Secretary - Education@ourladyofjoy.org

Mrs. Patty Mahr - Faith Formation Secretary - Education@ourladyofjoy.org

Mr. Gene Sommer - Facility Maintenance 

Parish History

The decree cononically establishing our parish stated, "In order to provide more effectively for the welfare of souls, it has become necessary to establish a district parish for the faithful living in the district known as Holiday Park, Plum Borough, Pittsburgh. Accordingly, with the counsel of the Diocesan Consultors and the pastors of the adjoining parishes, we have established effective June 10th. 1968 the new district parish of Mary, Cause of Our Joy (Our Lady of Joy)."

Thus was Our Lady of Joy Parish established with Father Francis V. Marchukonis being appointed the first Pastor.  Sunday Masses, for the first three years of the parish, were celebrated in the auditorium at Our Lady of Mercy Academy in Monroeville. Construction of the first rectory, located further down O'Block Road from the site of the proposed church building, was begun in June, 1968. The garage of this rectory was converted into a chapel for weekday Masses, baptisms and confessions.

In the Spring of 1970, a building committee was established to oversee the construction of a multi-purpose building to accommodate the worship of 700 to 800 people, several classrooms and a church hall. The cost for this new building was $400,000. The building was dedicated on September 19, 1971. In 1975, the new rectory adjoining the church was completed and the old rectory was sold. On the Tenth Anniversary of the parish, a mortgage burning celebration was held with Bishop Bosco in attendance. In 1993, a major renovation project was undertaken that saw the construction of the church vestibule; purchase of a new organ, pews, carpet and sanctuary furniture; plastering of the church walls and refurbishing of the church ceiling. Our Lady of Joy Parish has always been a faith community noted for its number of young families and numerous children.

Father Robert J. Cedolia was appointed administrator of Our Lady of Joy Parish in June, 1996. On January 1, 1997 he became the second Pastor of Our Lady of Joy Church.

Father Albin C. McGinnis was appointed Pastor of Our Lady of Joy Parish on January 2, 2004.

Father David A. Driesch was appointed Pastor of Our Lady of Joy Parish on January 19, 2009.

Father Albert L. Zapf was appointed Pastor of Our Lady of Joy Parish on May 1, 2012.